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U.S., Nigeria Square Up for Tussle Over African Bank Chief

Author: Christopher Goodney – June 1, 2020

The U.S. and Nigeria are facing off in a dispute over whether allegations against the head of the African Development Bank should be investigated a second time, exposing a fault-line between the West and the continent over the issue.

Ghana has tried to be responsible with its oil wealth. This is how

Author: Emmanuel Graham, Ismael Ackah, Nathan Andrews, Ransford Edward Gyampo – June 1, 2020

After Ghana discovered oil and gas in 2007, the government and civil society aspired to avoid the “resource curse”. This is when countries have an abundance of non-renewable natural resources but no economic growth.

Ethiopian Airlines: “We want to become Alibaba’s official airline”

Author: Rémy Darras – June 1, 2020

Future Addis Ababa airport, expansion of the fleet and network, diversification… In spite of the crisis, the head of the continent’s leading airline remains focused on his objectives and, strengthened by increasingly privileged links with China, has great ambitions.

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Institute of African Intelligence (IAI) is a non-partisan, pan-African institute which researches into agriculture, climate change, business & the economy, ICT & start-ups, energy, etc –all from an African perspective.

IAI applies technology and tech tools to collate, analyze, and present research data in simple forms that can easily be used by researchers, individuals, private organizations, government agencies, and non-governmental agencies. It makes use of these data to determine trends and patterns which can be used to forecast economic, social, and financial activities.

These data which is generated can also be used by the governments of different countries to formulate policies that will benefit its citizens.

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  • Researchers
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  • Civic Organizations
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How can I get access to these data?

Institute of African Intelligence data is for the public good, as such full data sets are made available on our website.

Infographics are also frequently uploaded on our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

What methodology do we employ?

IAI deploys refined data mining skills-sets to collate, sort out, determine trends and patterns in data sets. These data sets are subsequently presented using powerful technology tools that convey the message in very simple forms.

Typically, we carry our surveys with a sample size of 1000 units. Our partners also collate data on our behalf and using data analytic tools we determine trends and patterns which could be beneficial to different consumers.

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